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Residential Electrical Repair Service in Cartersville, Ga

Rayne Storm Electric Services is locally family owned and operated and is fully insured and licensed, servicing residential homes and commercial businesses throughout the Cartersville and Northwest Georgia. Our electricians have all necessary credentials and have years of experience, in conjunction, we take advantage of exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, and products to guarantee customer satisfaction. Among the many services we offer, residential electrical repair services are included on our menu.

Electrical Damage & Malfunctions

Residential homes are susceptible to electrical damage and malfunctions as the years pass by, or perhaps faulty installation among other scenarios. Rayne Storm Electric Services can make all necessary electrical repairs your home may be facing in the Cartersville and Northwest Georgia area. There are a plethora of problems that an experienced electrician from Rayne Storm Electric Services can solve.

Common Home Electrical Problems Requiring Residential Electrician Repair Services

 Light fixture issues. If light bulbs tend to burn out at an abnormal rate, there could be a list of underlying problems. If they are flickering, poor connection within the circuit is the most likely cause. If the light is blinking, the main wire connection is having trouble, and requires a skilled technician to repair the problem.
 Dead outlet problems. Dead outlets could just need a circuit breaker reset, but in some cases there is a poor connection. If half of the outlet is dead, chances are the popular outlet that is no longer functioning has loosened over time.
 Breaker tripping problems. In most cases, a diagnostic needs to be administered to find the issue if the circuit breaker trips, but won’t reset. If it trips when the microwave is used, or the hair dryer flips on is due to high wattage items being too much.
 Light Switches. Wall switches that get excessively warm indicate a connection malfunction and should get immediate attention. When two separate switches control a single light, they often do not work. A switch will often go bad with age, and require replacing, or installation was not appropriate to begin with. When you have a phantom switch that does not seem to be wired to anything, it is usually the switch receptacles that are to blame.

Hire a Licensed Residential Electrician

With the many electrical problems that could be inflicting your residential home in Cartersville, Georgia and surrounding areas, it is important that you do not attempt any repairs yourself. Electricity can be extremely hazardous and requires a trained electrician. Stay safe and call Rayne Storm Electric Services to come and conduct our residential electrical repair service. Our skilled professionals can run diagnostics and ensure all repairs are efficiently repaired accordingly. From the simplest of problems to the most complex problems, Rayne Storm Electric Services has the skills and expertise to perform electrical repairs in your residential home. Making the necessary repairs quickly and safely is our number one goal, and customer satisfaction is our passion.

Residential Electrical Repairs in Cartersville, Acworth, Adairsville, Taylorsville, Woodstock, Rome & all of Northwest Georgia

With our superior efficiency and premium results, you will want to keep our contact information in your phone for convenient scheduling on additional electrical services. Call us today if you are in need of residential electrical repair!

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